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2011-08-26 01:57 pm

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my so called 'real' friends suck
i have not seen or heard from any of them in 6 months
i have not emailed or called any of them or even posted on facebook in 6 months
and nobody has noticed
i am too tired and in too poor of health to be the one to do all the work
some of these 'friends' i have known since i was 7 or live a mile or less away
fuck them all...i am done
i will see them all at my funeral, oh wait i wont...I'll be dead

several of you on livejournal are better and closer friends
and i bet you would notice i was missing after 3 days of not posting...not 6 months

i will post something more p positive with pics later when i am less pissed
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2011-05-03 11:30 am

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lj is not working today...
every lj page is blank so i am Posting at dreamwidth to keep up my Posting streak
is This a lj problem? or just my problem?

i am going To read comics now
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2011-04-09 09:27 pm

(no subject)

is a great place and i like all my friends but this week has sucked
i am not leaving but i will be posting at http://voicelessloud.dreamwidth.org/
i will be cross posting till livejournal works so you can read at livejournal or dreamwidth
it seems basicly the same so join me if you can